Tears For Fears Videos

#      Video Views  
1Shout Video2934834
2Woman In Chains Video2085908
3Pale Shelter Video912250
4Mad World Video863653
5Advice for The Young at Heart Video669669
6Sowing The Seeds Of Love Video424505
7Raoul And The Kings Of Spain Video393059
8Everybody Wants to Rule The World Video
Everybody Wants To Run The World Video
9Elemental Video222623
10The Way You Are Video195407
11The Working Hour Video155021
12Closest Thing To Heaven Video142192
13Secret World Video141390
14Laid So Low Video141356
15Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) Video141356
16Tears Roll Down Video141356
17Broken Video110274
18Listen Video96440
19Everybody Loves A Happy Ending Video94009
20Killing With Kindness Video80594
21Bloodletting Go Video74793
22Break It Down Again Video74420
23Mothers Talk Video69470
24Badman's Song Video60676
25Me And My Big Ideas Video57841
26Call Me Mellow Video57103
27I Believe Video46501
28I Believe (A Soulful Re-Recording) Video46501
29Shout (US Remix) Video44467
30The Hurting Video35474
31Falling Down Video35396
32Ideas as Opiates Video33332
33Suffer The Children Video32100
34Power Video29306
35Don't Drink The Water Video26850
36God's Mistake Video26581
37The Devil Video25908
38Sorry Video25479
39Brian Wilson Said Video23387
40Mr Pessimist Video22967
41Advice for the Young at Heart [Single Version] Video22167
42Start of The Breakdown Video21599
43Swords And Knives Video20440
44Change [Extended Version] Video20254
45Standing on The Corner of The Third World Video19741
46Memories Fade Video19125
47War of Attrition Video19002
48Humdrum And Humble Video14785
49I Choose You Video14759
50Size Of Sorrow Video14717
51Sketches of Pain Video12391
52Famous Last Words Video11697
53Change Video11359
54Always in The Past Video10761
55Fish Out of Water Video10538
56Year Of The Knife Video10305
57Goodnight Song Video9214
58Watch Me Bleed Video8431
59Dog's A Best Friend's Dog Video6244
60Los Reyes Cato'licos Video5412
61The Body Wah Video5058
62Schrodinger's Cat Video4704
63The Prisoner Video4147
64The Big Chair Video4144
65Lord of Karma Video4069
66Gas Giants Video4046
67Madness Of Roland Video3932
68Out Of Control Video3879
69Change (Radio Edit) Video3712
70Cold Video3632
71All of the Angels Video3594
72Ladybird Video3486
73Head Over Heels, Broken (live) Video2668
74Sea Song Video2591
75New Star Video2461
76Head Over Heels Video2435
77Floating Down The River Video2351
78Who Killed Tangerine Video2183
79Johnny Panic & The Bible of Dreams Video2114
80Secrets Video2065
81Ashes to Ashes Video1976
82Last Days On Earth Video1817
83Pharaohs Video1659
84My Life in The Suicide Ranks Video1482
85Broken Revisited Video1163
86The Marauders Video1012
87Queen Of Compromise Video893
88Pullin' A Cloud Video743
89Who You Are Video669
90Quiet Ones Video645
91Mothers Talk [US Remix] Video553
92When in Love With a Blind Man Video508
93Wino Video323
94Deja Vu The Sins of Science Video262
95The Conflict Video192
96Until I Drown Video148
97Empire Building Video75

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