Ya Get Out (Jadakiss And Nas Diss) Song | Freeway

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Niggaz listen up (bitch ass niggaz)
Bitches listen up

Ya niggaz can't fuck wit us

Haterz listen up

Burn that nigga free!!!

[Verse 1]
NASTY NAS ain't ridin' on the FREEWAY
Hell no we bang out on the FREEWAY, crash on the FREEWAY
Haterz waitin' for Hova to die, before he see JAY
On my way to platinum, hata who gonna stop me?
I got the cops locked, who gone lock me?!
I got the block lock, eye on poppy
I got poppy lock, V on manny
Manny is poppy a lobby lock, NAS on his way
Pulled the shotty out, he piss on his body
Be on my way, buckshots stuck in his body
Piss up his lay, fuck cops park on the lobby, chill up his way
Ya niggaz ain't built for these SOLDIERZ
Roc-A-Fella heat HOLDERS, put a shell up in each SHOULDER
Fuck up my day
Nas is like, a bitch wit the mack to his BELLY
Been dissed like this since MAKAVELLI (2Pac)
Now in dayz nigga,
Ya rappin' is way worse then ya actin' in BELLY
It's set!!!

WE MOVE OUT, we move out there
YA'LL GET OUT, get put out there
Wit ya thongs on, and ya girl clothes
It's a mans world, sing along ho'z
WE MOVE OUT, we move out there
YA'LL GET OUT, get put out there
Wit ya thongs on, and ya girl clothes

[Verse 2]
By the way,
I came from the block and I'm bringin' the block wit me
And I came by myself, but I'm bringin' ya bitch wit me
Pop wit me, extra clip wit me, 50 shots wit me
Cause niggaz wanna get at me, haterz hop wit me
Fuck it I'll treat ya like PAC and diss ya all
Still sell 7 mill?
Free Alswald drop you from the buildin' and hit ya car
Or O.J. Free, stab you up then get OFF
You won't play me, ya Cadi truck top elvolve
When shots from the ROC rip off
Won't be like the movie, hit you then hit ya barbor
Freeway play wit ozzies extra cartalege
Take all ya groupies,
I'm the talk around town in the hooptie, fuck a astro martin
And where ever you stop, my glocks are like New York lots
Muthafucka make you pay for parkin'
Now I'm upset!!!

WE MOVE OUT, we move out there
YA'LL GET OUT, get put out there
Wit ya thongs on, and ya girl clothes
It's a mans world, sing along ho'z
WE MOVE OUT, we move out there
YA'LL GET OUT, get put out there
Wit ya thongs on, and ya girl clothes
I ain't forget you (Talkin' to Jadakiss)

[Verse 3]
I'm on my way to YONKERS to see this prick (Jadakiss)
He talkin' shit on his records like he got clips
I'ma see where he at when he see this 5th
But FREE gone kill any and everybody that's dissin'
And everybody I'm hittin' either got ICE OR DOE
Nigga that's money in chains, change and jewelry foreign exchange
And that's JUST BECAUSE, my hands foreign ya chains leavin'
And don't give me a reason because IF YOU DO
Then you won't be leavin'
Toni Braxton style, won't be breathin'
(uhh) Niggaz wanna hate on the kid
So I S-K, half of they face off fuck up they looks
Was pull brick tape off,
All them dayz that you thought I was stuck in the grill
I had my nigga wit me, plan on my mind
JIGGA wit me hand on my nine, I take 'em wit me
Kris Kross ingo's wit me, trigga wit me
Here come the pain, go tell ya mom his nigga hit me
Because I kris kross ingo's wit him,
Unbless beef is a RHYME, so I dead that seekin' a FINE
Freeway in the hood where the bread at (Coke)
Slicin' the loaf, slice into dimes knife to ya throat
Like it or not that's how we do in the county
I'll bring the gun to ya stremph if you tangle wit MINES
Don't cop a ?? in ya phone time stremph, cause I own my stremph
Nigga 19 just start carryin' nines
Bibles and Jenny's,
I pack gats that shoot threw ya bricks and ya lightpole fixurin'
And hit you and give you liposuction, nigga the rif-O sickin'
Niggas rappin' and it bout no dumpin'
This nigga KISS got a lightbulb missin'
Clap all brain or somethin' clap all night glow vision
You better not cry when the riffle dumpin'
Free come into town bout to light that bitch up

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