Dr. Hook Videos

#      Video Views  
1Happy Ever After Love Video1338531
2Stagolee Video1075669
3The Cover Of The Rolling Stone Video1075669
4Who Dat? Video1075669
5Devil's Daughter Video998942
6Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk Video913306
7Here Come The Blues Again Video823413
8Stayin' Song Video599946
9When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman Video469096
10Beware Of Lovers Video314050
11Bread Upon The Water Video314050
12If Not You Video298029
13I Don't Want to Be Alone Tonight Video272546
14Sylvia's Mother Video233534
15Years from Now On Video221788
16You've Heard It All Before Video178866
17Queen of the Silver Dollar Video162740
18You Make My Pants Want to Get up and Dance Video150024
19Freakin' at the Freaker's Ball Video140431
20Ballad of Lucy Jordan Video139456
21The Ballad Of... Video139456
22I Need the High Video136783
23Lucky Night Video106391
24Sex Drive Video103245
25Got That Feeling Video98342
26Sharing the Night Together Video98342
27What a Way to Go Video98342
28What Do You Want Video98342
29Walking My Cat Named Dog Video94980
30(One More Year Of) Daddy's Little Girl Video91710
31Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me Video89532
32Hey, Lady Godiva Video87894
33Last Mornin' Video
Last Morning Video
34Acapulco Goldie Video78824
35More Like the Movies Video72782
36Mama, I'll Sing One Song for You Video71425
37I Never Got To Know Her Video58907
38The Things I Didn't Say Video52109
39Blown Away Video49689
40I'm a Lamb Video49689
41I Can't Touch the Sun Video45363
42Roland the Roadie and Gertrude Video43250
43Get My Rocks Off Video39669
44Jungle to the Zoo Video38806
45I Call That True Love Video37907
46Marie Lavaux Video35471
47The Millionaire Video34383
48Only Sixteen Video33932
49Makin' It Natural Video32278
50When She Cries Video30833
51Carry Me, Carrie Video29749
52Come on In Video29749
53Life Ain't Easy Video29546
54Sexy Eyes Video29545
55Turn on the World Video29453
56In Over My Head Video27223
57Let Me Drink From Your Well Video26205
58On the Way to the Bottom Video25179
59Making Love and Music Video24270
60Drinking Wine Alone Video24198
61The Wild Colonial Boy Video20328
62Chained To Your Memory Video19782
63The One I'm Holding Now Video19372
64Red-Winged Blackbird Video19321
65Hearts Like Yours And Mine Video18768
66Yours And Mine Video18768
67Girls Can Get It Video18541
68Body Talking Video18042
69I'll Put Angels Around You Video17938
70Feels Good Video16983
71You Can't Take It With You Video16747
72I Got Stoned and I Missed It Video15565
73Walk Right In Video15262
74Do Downs Video15247
75Better Love Next Time Video15120
76A Couple More Years Video13900
77Animal Instinct Video13373
78Stuck On The Wrong Side Of Love Video13369
79I Don't Feel Much Like Smilin' Video12685
80Pleasure And Pain Video12323
81Do You Right Tonight Video12085
82Kiss It Away Video11960
83Sweetest of All Video11834
84The Radio Video11627
85Maybe I Could Use That In A Song Video11284
86Put a Little Bit on Me Video10401
87Up on the Mountain Video10208
88Cooky and Lila Video8798
89Angela's Eyes Video7692
90I've Been Him Video7226
91Monterey Jack Video7067
92The Turn On Video6997
93Storms Never Last Video6762
94Doin' It Video6624
95Lonely Man Video5930
96Penicillin Penny Video5765
97Oh! Jesse Video5734
98Crazy Rosie Video5306
99Love Ain't The Question (Love Ain't The Answer) Video4604
100Mountain Mary Video4584
101Lady Sundown Video4567
102Looking for Pussy Video4565
103Natalie Video4314
104There's A Light Video4103
105Boy Talk Video3887
106Rings Of Grass Video3804
107The Wonderful Soup Stone Video3693
108The Last Of A Dying Breed Video3430
109Wups Video3428
110That Plane Video3409
11199 and Me Video2988
112S.O.S. for Love Video2579
113Sleeping Late Video2548
114I Wanna Make the Women Tremble Video2510
115Let the Loose End Drag Video2194
116All the Time in the World Video2120
117If I'd Only Come and Gone Video1931
118A Little Bit More Video1856
119Four Years Older Than Me Video1746
120When You're Eighteen Video1666
121Walls And Doors Video1630
122The Ugliest Man In Town Video1523
123I Need To Fall In Love Again Video1522
124Bad Eye Bill Video1276
125The Shadow Knows Video1276
126Judy Video1202
127Love You Now Video1038
128Loveline Video831
129Rings Video774
130I Can't Say No To Her Video732
131Love Monster Video697
132Sing Me a Rainbow Video646
133Bubblin' Up Video613
134I Couldn't Believe Video611
135Pity The Fool Video575
136Levitate Video567
137Sexy Energy Video456
138Lay Too Low Too Long Video436
139Before the Tears Video352
140Clyde Video330
141Strings Video299
142What About You Video295
143Let Me Be Your Lover Video278
144I'll Kill You Video259
145I Gave Her Comfort Video161
146Fire In The Night Video143
147Everybody Loves Me Video138
148Dooley Jones Video130
149That Didn't Hurt Too Bad Video66
150Michaelangelo Video58
151Knowing She's There Video55
152Missing You Takes Up Most Of My Time Video41
153Help Me Mama Video22
154You Ain't Got the Right Video0

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